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Services offered can be tailored to each individual or group. This can involve a Physiotherapy consultation and treatment, Biomechanical Screening, specific Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy, Knee Physiotherapy or Post-Operative Care and Fitness training/Pilates. If you have any questions about the services provided please contact for more information.


Physiotherapy is a science based profession that helps people affected by injury, disease, and disability through Manual Therapy, Electrotherapy, Exercise, Education, and Advice.  A detailed history of your condition and examination is undertaken then treatment and a plan is introduced to help return you to function pain-free.  Physiotherapy utilises a range of techniques  to achieve this. 

Examples are:  

- Joint Manipulation

- Joint Mobilisation

- Soft tissue Therapy/Massage

- Acupuncture

- Pilates- Equipment. Mat work

- Exercise Therapy/Rehabilitation

- Electrotherapy such as Compex

- Taping

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Fitness Training/Pilates

Fitness training, Sports specific training or Pilates can assist improving your Strength, Mobility, Flexibility and Vo2 max adding to your function, activity or sporting performance and reduce injury occurrence. By a detailed plan, you can then achieve specific goals and objectives you may have.  This may be from increasing your CV Fitness,  Mobility, Functional movement  protecting a previous injury or just your general well being

Initial Plan:

- Detailed Analysis of physical history

- Physical testing assessment

- Injury prevention assessment


- Tailored Fitness specific programme 

- Injury Programme

- SMART Goal setting 

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Orthopaedic Post Operative Care

If you have or about to have an operation we can assist you in your pre-op or post-operative care.  After your operation your journey to recovery should be one of  a detailed rehabilitation process for your injury. By working with your surgeon and using the most up to date treatment and equipment we can help guide you quickly and safely. Stuart has many years experience with a wide range of surgical procedures and below is a small list of the most common. 




- Partial/Total knee replacement 


-Bunion surgery

-Achilles Tendon repairs

-Tendon transfer

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Specialist Assessments 

Stuart likes to be specific in what he is trying to achieve and by undergoing specific and detailed examination and assessment gives the required amount of data and information to then correctly undertake the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Stuart provides Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy, Knee Physiotherapy and Biomechanical or Musculoskeletal assessments for individuals or groups such as a pre-season screening that can help injury prevention and improve performance. 

Knee Physiotherapy 

The Knee Specialist will provide a detailed physical and digital examination of your Knee and Lower limb including Hip, Foot  and Ankle screen. Stuart will evaluate your muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and joint integrity. A Functional pattern through video analysis and your neuromuscular control and stability will be analysed. From this we can then provide you with the appropriate intervention for your weakness or biomechanical imbalances 

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Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy

The Foot and Ankle Specialist provides a specific examination of your Foot, Ankle, and Lower Limb. This may encompass video analyses of your gait and your lower limb. Furthermore,  a detailed evaluation of the foot muscle groups and joints will assist in determining what foot type and what dysfunction you may have that needs assistance. We then provide you with the appropriate treatment, rehab or referral to address your imbalances and plan the most suitable intervention.  

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Biomechanical Screening 

A MSK Screening or Biomechanical Assessment is a detailed physical examination testing each joint and muscle group analysing your specific imbalances or weaknesses then providing you with the appropriate plan.

This may demonstrated lack of mobility or poor movements patterns that is treated by the appropriate corrective exercise routine. Can be tailored to a specific sport or a general physical screening.

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Stuart Mailer tended to a knee injury over a period of two months.

He was extremely encouraging and gave me the confidence to pursue an exercise regime firstly at home and then in the gym. With his help, I avoided an operation. I cannot thank Stuart enough and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.

Mrs J Bellhouse  2017